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July 1st: Everything You Need To Know To Return to the Barre this Summer

Betsy Daily School of Performing Arts will open for in-person dance classes on July 1st, as PA progresses to the Green Phase of re-opening. Please read our plans, policies, and procedures thoroughly so that your dancer is prepared to return to the barre this summer!

PLEASE NOTE: We must receive a signed COVID-19 Permission Form from all dancers in order to participate in in-person classes. Please click here to download the COVID-19 Permission Form.  


    • Drop off your dancer at one of the side entrances. There may be a line, please stay 6 feet apart…be safe and patient. There will be Hand Sanitizer at each entrance or exit and they must be used upon entering and exiting.

    • BDSOPA Staff will take your temperature

    • Dancers will be escorted directly to their classroom 

    •   Dancers will go to their assigned “Parking Spot” where they will change their shoes for class, and after class.

    • Dancers will also be assigned a “Dancing Spot”.​

    • After class, dancers will line up at the door 6 feet apart to exit.

    • Parents: pick up your child at the side entrance.  For ages 6 & younger, please carry a sign with your dancer’s name on it. BDSOPA staff will read the name on your sign & send your little one out to you.


    • Please park in the front, leaving the side parking for our teachers and staff.

    • Maintain social distancing in the parking lot.

    • Follow the procedures outlined above.

    • ​You also will exit using the side entrance.

    • ​You must practice social distancing while on BDSOPA property.  This includes the studio, inside and out as well as the parking lot.


    • ​Any dancer who is ill. (Fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc.)

    • ​Any dancer that is living with somebody who is ill.

    • ​Any dancer living with someone who has cared for COVID patients within the last two weeks.

IF YOU CANNOT COMPLY WITH ALL OF THESE PROCEDURES WE ASK YOU ALSO TO STAY HOME.  BDSOPA parents are entrusting us with their children; We will not let them down.​

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