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BDSOPA at Yuletide Devon: A Rich History & A New Tradition

Today is National Horse Day and, this year especially, it holds a special place in my heart.

The Devon Horse Show began in 1896 and is the oldest and largest multi-breed horse competition! In addition to teaching dance, riding and showing horses is one of my lifelong passions.

As you may know, the Devon Horse

Show Fairgrounds is hosting the inaugural season of Yuletide Devon, transforming the historical fairgrounds into a winter wonderland complete with festive lights, family-friendly activities, delicious snacks, and an enchanted forest. The Betsy Daily dancers have the honor of escorting Santa (on horse-drawn carriage, naturally) throughout the fairgrounds, around the snow-laden Dixon Oval, and through the enchanted forest to his chalet.

As I watch my students dance around Dixon Oval each weekend, I see two greatest passions--dance and equestrianism--come together in the most special way. I am inredibly proud of my dancers and will cherish this memory for years to come.

We also had the opportunity to perform our holiday showcase on the MainStage last weekend and had a great experience! We loved seeing and hearing the audience's reactions--from dads singing along to "Stretchy Pants" and children dancing to "Santa Claus It Comin' To Town"--it was a wonderful evening that put us all in the holiday spirit.

Stay tuned--you just may see us on the Yuletide stage again this season!

You can see the Betsy Daily Dancers escort Santa on Saturday, December 16th, Sunday, December 17th, Friday, December 22nd, and Saturday, December 23rd! If you haven't already been to Yuletide Devon, it is a fantastic holiday experience in an idyllic setting. You can get tickets and season passes here.

See you at the studio,

Betsy Daily

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