About Us

Our mission is to create the ultimate performing arts environment, aimed at making any child's experience educational, positive, and meaningful.

How we do it:

  • By focusing on the education of all areas of the performing arts, and specifically developing and training students on motor skills, technique, performance, self-esteem, teamwork, and cooperation.

  • By encouraging good sportsmanship, positive participation, and keeping the arts in perspective among parents, students, and their coaches.

  • By offering a wide variety of training, from recreational to pre-professional, to ensure that each child finds the best opportunity to express themselves, have fun, and develop their performing abilities.

We believe that every student is special, and it is our goal to reinforce and help our students reach their goals.

Meet Betsy

Betsy is committed to cultivating generations of students who possess grace, grit, and character, both in dance and in life. 

She is committed to helping dancers of all ages and abilities reach their fullest potential while providing a nurturing environment that inspires  students to express themselves through movement.

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Office Manager

Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern


Combos, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap

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Ballet, Lyrical, Pointe

Our Teachers


Voice, Acting


Ballet, Pointe


Ballet, Mommy & Me, Pointe


Jeremy Arnold


Andrew Nemr

Guest Instructors & Choreographers