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Catch Your Breath: Sing at BDSOPA!

There are two groups of people:

  1. People who love to sing

  2. People who haven't admitted it yet

See what I did there?

The voice is our most natural instrument--we've been using it pretty effectively since birth. I've spent most of my life on stage or in a recording studio and, while I love making music, I am most grateful for the teachers who helped me explore my voice as a young artist. Singing helped me build confidence on and off stage, express myself, and connect with the world around me.

That's why I'm proud to call

Betsy Daily School of Performing Arts my home.

Our vibrant voice curriculum nurtures and fortifies singers ages 3 through 18. Vocalists at BDSOPA have a variety of opportunities to make music, including Foundations, Petite, and Junior Voice classes and private lessons!

Is there a more perfect complement to dancing than singing? We think not.

Check out our collaboration on orignal song "Hosting the Holidays" for a taste of the musical magic we make at BDSOPA.

In our Foundations classes, students ages 3-6 will:

  • Learn ballet and tap basics and terminology

  • Learn basics of rhythm and pitch through singing and playing age-appropriate instruments

  • Prepare a song and dance for live performance as a group

In our Petite and Junior Voice classes, students will:

  • Explore fundamental singing techniques, including alignment, breath, vowels, and popular singing styles

  • Prepare a song for live performance as an ensemble--with costumes, choreography, and harmonies!

  • Learn to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to create music

  • Record a song as an ensemble--and make a music video!

Want one-on-one training?

Private lessons are highly personalized and tailored to foster technical, musical, and artistic growth. We will work one-on-one to explore your voice and help you perform and record the music you love.

Just like we did with this awesome singer who recorded and filmed a music video for one of her favorite songs in only three days!

All Betsy Daily School of Performing Arts singers will have individual access to Soundtrap, a web-based collaborative DAW that enables us to record together anytime, anywhere!

Whether you need to ace an audition, become a performer or recording artist, or simply have an expressive outlet or opportunity to have fun with musical friends, there is a place for you to sing at Betsy Daily School of Performing Arts.

To enroll in a voice class, click the button below! To schedule a private lesson or ask a question, give us a call at 610.296.0474 or reach out by email at and I'll be happy to help. I'm so excited to hear you sing!

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