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Dancers Score Higher in Math, Science, More Likely To Go To College

Want your teen to get into--and succeed in--college? Enroll in dance class!

"Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance in the K-12 Setting," published by the National Endowment of the Arts reviews myriad ways in which participating in the arts--and specifically dancing-- fosters and fortifies development in school-aged children, and the benefits don't stop in elementary school.

Students who participate in dance:

  • Earn higher GPA's

  • Achieve higher SAT scores

  • Take calculus

  • Perform better in math and science competitions

  • Are more likely to apply for and complete 4-year college programs

The perks don't stop there. Don't forget about:

  • Grace Under Pressure: Dancers perform better in competitive environments

  • Articulation: Students who dance have shown greater ability to articulate ideas both verbally and in writing.

  • Social Skills: Dance class helps students collaborate, communicate, and make friends

  • Mental Health: Dance is a proven mood-booster (check out our recent blog post about it!)

Dance training is an excellent addition to a college resumé.

Dance training on a resume shows discipline, passion, and the ability to perform in high-pressure situations with a smile. It comes as no surprise that "students with dance experiences enrolled in competitive colleges at higher rates than low arts-engaged students." (Catterall, pp.12-16)

While many start their dance journey as young as 3 years old, it's not too late for your teen to reap the benefits that dance has to offer! We've got a great lineup of styles designed for middle and high schoolers, including:

  • Ballet

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Modern

  • Hip Hop

  • Acro

  • Break Dance

Interested in learning more about our dance offerings? Reach out to us at or click below to view our full schedule and enroll in classes!

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