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Rafaella Rader


Rafaella Rader was born in Abington, Pennsylvania. At the age of 2, Rafaella knew she wanted to be a ballerina and had already begun dancing. At the age of 8 she attended and partook in the Tanzolymp international ballet competition held in Berlin Germany. Rafaella took third place and during the awards ceremony was personally awarded by Vladimir Vasilev, who inspired Rafaella to purse her ballet dreams even further. Rafaella has partaken in YAGP and VKIBC completions since then and has received numerous awards and high scores. Most recently, she won gold medal at the California Dance Classics with her signature “Russian Dance” performance from the Swan Lake. She also has choreographed multiple contemporary dances which were performed by multiple schools. Additionally, Rafaella danced in well known professional companies such as The Royal Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet (performing The Nutcracker), Jeffrey Ballet, ABT, and Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Rafaella has spent several years modeling professionally and served 3 years in the United States Army reserves.

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