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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much are ticket packages?

    • Standard packages are $145 and include:

      • 3 seats to the show of your choice ​

      • Livestream link for family & friends 

      • Video recording of the recital

      • Commemorative BDSOPA t-shirt and pin for 1 performer

    • VIP Packages are $175 and include:

      • Priority reservation period

      • 3 seats to all 5 shows​

      • Livestream link for family & friends 

      • Video recording of the recital

      • Commemorative BDSOPA t-shirt and pin for all performers in your family

  • Why are reservations made in packages this year?

    • We've decided to opt for packages this year for a number of reasons, all of which prioritize safety while maximizing performer and audience experience and convenience. Some new perks this year include securing seats in socially-distanced groups of 3 ​and livestreaming to family & friends who are unable to attend.

    • Additionally, each year we place separate orders for DVD's and performer t-shirts. Many of our families place these orders or want to purchase t-shirts at the Follies, which means they spend their intermission waiting in line and hoping we haven't sold out of their performer's size shirt. By including a downloadable video recording, performer shirt, and performer pin in each package, we can ensure that every dancer has a token to remember their hard work and each family has the convenience of placing one order without having to wait in line. 

  • ​Can I reserve an individual ticket instead of a package?
    • All seats must be reserved through a package. This ensures that each performer can have family in the audience while prioritizing safety and achieving adequate social distancing.

  • Can I reserve an additional ticket with my package?

    • At this time, families may not reserve more than 3 tickets per show. ​

  • I need more tickets than I am able to reserve--what do I do?​

    • Each package includes a livestream link to share with family & friends from afar! Each package also includes a video recording of the show made available by downloadable link for you to enjoy for years to come. ​

  • Does my toddler require a ticket?​

    • ​ All persons ages 3 and older must have a ticket. We must adhere to this strictly to make sure that attendee totals are compliant with CDC guidelines. 

  • I reserved a VIP package and I don't need all 3 seats to one or more of my shows. What should I do?​

    • Please let us know! You will be able to indicate how many seats you would like at each show.

    • We will not offer refunds for individual seats within a package.

  • How does payment work? 

    • You may elect to have us charge your credit card on file.

    • You may also pay with a credit card not on file, check, or cash; however, you must remit payment for your reservations within 7 days of reservation OR within 48 hours of the recital, whichever is sooner. ​

  • When and how will I receive my wristbands?​

    • Wristbands will be ready for pick-up within 2 weeks of your reservation

  • May I purchase seats at the door?​

    • We will not be selling tickets at the door this year. You must reserve all seats in advance and all attendees must have a wristband to be admitted to the show.​

  • May I hold wristbands at the door? ​

    • While we recommend picking up your wristbands in advance, you may hold wristbands at the door. Please give us a name for pickup. 

  • How will seating work?

    • Seats will be reserved in groups of 3. We begin reserving seats at the front of the seating area on a first-reserved, first-served basis.

Performer Details

  • When must my performer arrive?​​

    • Performers must arrive 45 minutes before their performance

  • Should my performer arrive in costume? 

    • Performers may not arrive in costume. Performers will change in designated areas inside BDSOPA with teacher supervision to ensure COVID mitigation measures are enforced.​

  • Do I need to reserve a seat for my performer?​

    • Performers do not need a reservation for shows in which they are performing. If your performer is attending a show in which they are not dancing, they will need to have a reservation. This ensures that our attendee totals are compliant with CDC guidelines. 

  • What will happen if it rains on June 19th?

    • We have a rain date set for June 20th! All performers MUST be available for our rain date. 

  • My performer wants a t-shirt! How do I order? 

    • You do not need to order a shirt for your performer--it's included in your package! Standard packages include a commemorative shirt and pin for 1 performer, and VIP packages include a commemorative shirt and pin for all performers in your family.

Performer Details

Guest Details

  • When will I be able to take my seat?​​

    • Seating will begin 30 minutes before each show

  • May I bring my own chair? 

    • Guests are not permitted to bring their own seating. We will be providing chairs.

Guest Details
Other Questions

Other Questions?

Got another question? Reach out to us at or give us a call at 610.296.0474 

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